Cold World

by D-LAY

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It’s a cold world n some cant afford jackets
between the homeless, the poor the whores and the crackheads
no matter what happens
it will always be total madness
drugs and war torn countries violence and sadness
that’s just what happens the worlds just fucked up
the rich live well and the poor just have tough luck
it sucks but
the tough just
bust through the rough stuff
were strong so we survive but were tired of being just us
the price of gas is through the roof
Afghanistan’s completely screwed
2012 has people shook scared of no knowing the truth
this lifes taken a toll on me but now im sittin in the booth
tryna take it back and tell the hopeless they can make it through
now a days the tracks and tunes are all about the cash and booze
its sad that dudes are feelin that they really have all that to prove
raps a soothing thing but now man they commiting rap abuse
the genre died with pac but now im here to bring it back to youth
Ecstasy been killing teens by dozens but the dealers rich
my generations new addiction video games weed n chicks
money cant buy happiness but It can buy your daily fix
all the rich kids hate the poor but were the reason they exist
no one wants change too busy looking for the bigger bills
little kids are seeing cool as sex, strength, cigs n pills
when youre living poor you dream of getting rich but never will
at least that’s what you think, it sucks, I know the feeling very well
maybe this is something that could make a difference, maybe not
maybe I could stop the violence, blame the children, blame the pot
god cant send ya money so the church is empty faith is lost
you don’t have much to lose when you have nuthin so just take your shot


released April 26, 2012



all rights reserved


D-LAY Parksville, British Columbia

D-LAY is an independent, Vancouver Island based rapper with a passion for the art. With an arsenal lyrical legitimacy, he conquers his local venues, most of which he isn't old enough to get into, determined to leave a mark on the face of hip-hop. For Bookings: ... more

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